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the ball


The weight of the ball is between 52 and 53 ounces ,and circumfrence is between 16 inches and 9 inches ... at present though there is a mini-controversy regarding the balls (Duke) to be used in the World Cup ...


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MESSAGE FOR Ileanna Portillo : Hi IIleana ! I would love to give u cricket stuff ... but i need ur mail id for that please mail .Hope you get this !!

When I did start making this site I thought that I would have a whole section on Rules of the game for people who do not know much about the game . Since then I have found a whole section of rules at CricInfo (where else !) . Their site has quite a few articles on the game including two for absolute novices . The complete rules as followed by the cricketing world can also be found there . Hence I decided to cover a few tricky situations which either I have faced or heard about ...

The following is dedicated to Subbu ( Kapil ) , peace dude ...

Umpire (retd. hurt)

In the middle of the match the umpire develops a sudden illness and has to leave the match half-way through , lets be more specific , lets say its in the middle of an over ... and a replacement umpire is aquired ... Now on the next ball the batman is , ummm , lets say bowled ... but the new umpire calls a no-ball as the bowler didn't specify his "side" to him ... and hence ... obviously the batsman is given not-out . Was the umpires decision correct ?

No , it wasn't ... the rule for no-balling a bowler for a change in side was intoduced to prevent the batsman from being caught unawares , hence since the bowler didn't change sides but the umpires changed ... the batsman was well aware of the bowlers intentions , and the bowler hence should not be penalised just because the umpire didn't know which side he was bowling from (in this case) . Infact , its the duty of the retired umpire to pass on all current match data to the replacing umpire .


Here's a cool fact ... Over Arm Bowling was introduced in cricket to help Women !!! This was because women had difficulty bowling under-arm due to their huge ballooning dresses in the Victorian era !! Until then under-arm bowling was the norm as we can see ...





Broken Wicket ?

In the 1996 World Cup Quarter Final Match between India & Pakistan , Mushtaq Ahmed ran out Nayan Mongia ( I think) by  'breaking' the stumps , even though only one bail was on (he had accidently dropped the first one) ... heres the question ... What would he have to do if both the bails were off ?

This quite a common question ... What is one supposed to do when both bails are off ? The answer is quite simple the feilding side has to first build the wicket again ,ie , put atleast one bail back and then drop it with the ball , or in case the stumps are also down then the fielding has got to put atleast one stump back with the bail on top , and then break the wicket .... The later action (when done fast) may appear as if , the 'bowler' has picked up a stump and then hit it with the ball .


Hmmm ..... thats it for now , I'll probably be back with an update after my exams .

Oh Yeah ... In the mean time if u wanna ask a question feel free I'll try and answer them to the *best* of my ability !




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