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Heres a brief description of what you will find here :

Quiz : An online quiz ... do submit the quiz answers , who knows I might even put up a prize ;o) .

Heroes : Profiles of Crickets Greats with pictures , links anecdotes , etc. This month ... David Boon.

The Rules : A tough but unlikely situation is depicted and you be the umpire , see if you can reach the correct decision.

Downloads : Direct Downloads of some cool cricket stuff , including amazing orignal Wall Papers , World Cup Tracker , Screensavers , Desktop Themes and PC Games

World Cups : A brief over-view of the last 6 cups with anecdotes and World Cup '99 with Individual Team Profiles , Squads and Schedules and Lyrics to the Official World Cup Theme Song .

Links : Bookmarks to the Best Sites on the net

The results of the World Cup survey were as follows :



Final Results
India   51% In the early stages of the World Cup the poll was more of  " Whats your favourite team " but as the tornament moved on the votes got more accurate ...
S.A   30%
Pak   5%
Aus   10%
Rest   1%


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