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world cup 99

I haven't had the time to program the quiz in CGI , to give live scores , I'll have that up after my exams , until then ... Here are the answers ..



Who has taken the most no. of catches in a single World Cup (xcluding wicket keepers) ?

2. In the 1983 World Cup final who had scored the maximum score of 38 ?
3. Who was the man of the match in the 1979 final?
4. True/False Azhar took atleast 5 wickets in the 1987 Reliance Cup ...
True False
5. Jonty is the only player to get the man of the match award for fielding ... in which edition of the world cup did he acieve this ?
1992 1996
6. ... Jonty achieved this feat against which country & on which ground ?
7. cup19? Which Year ? Try recalling t.v shots of various victorious captains or t.v ads ...
8. Who captained India in the 1975 Prudential World Cup ?
9. Who has the highest aggregate in a World Cup tourney ?

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