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world cup '99

World Cup '99


Ian Botham has gone on record to say that Zimbabwe win this years cup .... (do I hear some smirking ?) . Well I wouldn't blame anyone for being so skeptical , but the truth of the matter is that their team is well equipped and equipped to shine in English conditions.
For starters , their openers . the Flower brothers are both experienced, responsible and capable of giving them the required start. Campbell is shown that he is a dependent and dynamic batsman capable of lifting the game on his shoulders on his day. Murray Goodwin and the rest are dependable batsmen and almost everyone (save the last two) can bat. Heath Streak and 'chicken farmer' Brandes have already left their marks in cricket history . But , their star performer is definitely Paul Strang. He's a world class leg spinner , and can get crucial wickets in the middle overs.He is definitely no mug with the bat and is known to have come to his teams rescue quite often.
They are also an excellent fielding side , probably along with SA the best in the world and we all know what a quick run out can do to the game.
Their confidence is also sky high as they have been getting success in recent times. They've defeated both Pakistan and India in test matches and in many ODI matches have been coming really close but lacking to skill to finish things off ; but with experience gathered till now , they are not to be scoffed at.
If Beefy's predictions do come through , the world sure will have some surprise but capable champions !


The Team is as follows

Alistair Campbell (captain)

A.R. Whittall

Andy Flower (vice-captain)

P.A. Strang

Grant Flower

H.H. Olonga

N.C. Johnson

M .Mbangwa

Murray Goodwin

H.H. Streak

Stuart Carlisle

A.G. Huckle

D.P. Viljoen

Eddo Andre Brandes

G.J. Whittall









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