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world cup '99

World Cup '99

New Zealand


New Zealand is team made up of more all-rounders than specialist players . Hence , what they lack is a couple of heroes to lift their game to championship status.They have inthe past been a mediocre team with high potentials .What they need to do is add consistency to convert themselves to being worthy of lifting the cup.
They have in their midst one of the most econimacal bowlers in the world -- Gavin Larsen who has an economy rate of about 3.7 . With him bowling in the middle overs he can put the brakes to any plan by the oppposition. He is abely backed up by Chris Harris whose penchant for crucial cught & bowleds is amazing. For their opening attack they have Chris Cairns , DionNash and Geof Alot. Cairns has proved himself in the past , maybe not as a brilliant bowler but a striving one who puts in his best . Meanwhile in the Alot's small carrer span till now he has proved himself to be as skillful and willy as most left handed seam bowlers . They lack a high profile spin attack with only Vettori who in recent days has had a bad patch.This probably exposes a weakness that tey cannot face quality spin.
Their batting department is pretty good with captain Fleming being the mainstay of the team . Astle provides electrifying starts and along with Craig McMillan is known for his big sixes. Everyone in the squad can bat and this relives a lot of pressure on the higher order batsmen .One person who hasn't played much InternationalCricket is Bulfin , but if you were to have seen him in Cricket Max matches (New Zealands version of Super Sixes) you'll know that he is a player to watch out for .

The Team is as follows

Stephen Fleming (captain)

Nathan Astle

Mathew Horne

Roger Twose

Craig McMillan

Chris Harris

Chris Cairns

Gavin Larsen

Carl Bulfin

Adam Parore

Mathew Hart

Daniel Vettori

Dion Nash

Simon Doull

Geoff Alott









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