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world cup '99

World Cup '99


Giant Killers ... thats their reputation and the team is ready to cause an upset of two in the world cup. They came into reckoning when they beat the Windies by a large margin in the previous cup . There is a famous anecdote surrounding this . Maurice Odumbe (man of the match at that time) had asked Lara for his autograph a few years back in some County game and Lara didn't have time to give it. After the win Odumbe went up to Lara and said "I don't ned your autograph , Do you want mine ?" , thats Kenyan attitude and inspiration for you.
What the team lacks in experience it makes up with good , strong desire to prove their babe status wrong . In Ravindu Shah , Steve Tikolo and Odumbe they have world class batsmen . Martin Suji and Joseph Angara have got raw pace , but thier biggest problem will be that they've never played on British soil before and will have a tough time getting used to the conditions.
Still if they beat a team or two , it won't be a surprise , will it ?



The Team is as follows

Asif Karim (captain)

Martin Suji

Maurice Oudumbe (vice-captain)

Tony Suji

Steve Tikolo

Sandip Gupta

Ravindu Shah

Joseph Angara

Hitesh Modi

Jimmy Kamande

Thomas Odoyo

Mohammed Sheik

Kennedy Oteino

Deepak Chudasma

Alpesh Vader









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